I remember the moment exactly – the white of the bed and your blues against it, how the sun was slowly receding into the tide; its scarlet mixing with the indigo of the wave. . I remember the angle of your head and the corner of your lips slowly rising as you felt me shiver […]

I i told you that night i would forget, but you were too busy thinking of when to see me then II overdosing on bedsheets and sunshine we were salty and guttural tides – i had all but forgotten the smell behind your ear, the softness of your throat when it growls in hunger the […]

insomnia tap tap tap against my brain stem tap tap tap (penny) the nausea the rage the desires knock and thrust filling the space where sleep should fall – englues (oh look! the shamwow guy!) thighs rubbing, mind overheating; the c(l)ock teases stretching (retching) the night tap tap tap (englues? englues what?) i keep the […]

The Seasons of Anne Reviewed by Sophie Chouinard Anne with an E Poetry Handbound: 28 Pages Publisher: dancing girl press (2016) Available for $7.00 dgp “There’s such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I’m such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be […]

In the Voice of a Minor Saint Sarah J. Sloat Poetry 38 pages Sundress Publications (reprint 2016; originally published Tilt Press 2009) FREE pdf If the moon comes out bearing nicks and bite marks, you’ll find me smoothing my skin of its cares tonight. Under a halo the size of a ring, the old arguments […]

Book Reviews – Face Painting in the Dark by Ann Cefola

The latest of http://cahoodaloodaling.com/ is out! Fabulous poetry, fantastic interviews and excellent reviews! Go read! Issue #17 – Grit by the Glass.

when all things become all black and underneath it all bleeds all of the time; when never again the ink of feathers can quench the paper lovers’ thirst – the wings on the wind will soar once more. there you have it my darling; our winter tears as destiny’s mockery. and underneath the fog away […]

“will you marry me?” it was only white lies at the beginning – about the questionable beauty of a newborn, or the awesomeness of his strawberry shortcake. about liking Pink Floyd and the sound of rain on a tin roof, or if I ever slept with a girl. the truth is I don’t even like […]

her chewed up inner cheek – liquified papaya dripping down her chin – aching oh moan, honey, moan. the flutter of a caged bird too weary to hope for more always drifting back to this: fais-moi mal johnny johnny johnny. her chewed up inner flesh – battleground of all things holy standing still on the […]

  i don’t know clouds i thought today – puffy blankness sticking on bones; oblivious to the clash of vertebrae. “sticks and stones…”, they say – “but clouds, what of clouds?” i wondered. will they break and dissolve, acid-like, my brittle back, or the sound of absent feet rustling at night? unknown clouds gathered tonight […]

Originally posted on Melancholy Hyperbole:
I remember the moment exactly – the white of the bed and your blues against it – how the sun was slowly receding into the tide, its scarlet mixing with the indigo of the waves. I remember the angle of your head and the corners of your lips slowly rising…

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